Laurie Goldapp

Haily Eggleston

Our outlook toward health and healing is that the body is an entire system, and should be looked at and treated as such. It's this idea that brought everyone working at the clinic to chiropractic medicine.

Dr. Confer was born and raised in Red Oak, Iowa. Her health journey began as a licensed massage therapist, working for over 10 years before obtaining her  degree in St. Louis at Logan College of Chiropratic in 1999. She moved back to Red Oak and opened up her business in 2000.

Laurie has been with this office for over 10 years. She is the office manager handling  insurance and billing.

Haily, a chiropractic assistant, scheudles patient appointments, assists in treatment rooms, and sets patients up on electric muscle stimulation.

Dr. Kelli S Confer